Currently, the Higher School of Humanities in Leszno occupies five well-designed buildings of the total floor space of more than 5,000 sq m, which make up a complex located in the very centre of the town. Apart from its convenient location, it offers spacious lecture halls and state-of-the-art facilities and teaching aids. Our students can use computer rooms offering access to the Internet, and there is a constantly expanding library and a reading room.
The highly qualified and student-friendly teaching staff consists of professors, teachers and professionals employed full-time by the Higher School of Humanities, as well as academics from the Faculty of Educational Studies, the Faculty of Social Studies and other faculties of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań; it also includes academics from Poznań Medical University and Poznań University of Economics. These people spare no effort to impart to the students thorough knowledge and prepare them to conscientiously fulfil various social and public functions.
Both applicants and students are invited to contact the administrative staff of the Office for Postgraduate Studies, who will give their full attention to any matters relating to the course and organisation of studies. The office hours are very convenient and the staff are helpful and friendly. Any administrative matters and queries are dealt with immediately.
Our main aim is to offer the highest possible quality of instruction, to the full satisfaction of the students. Every year the teaching and administrative staff are evaluated by our students, who can also express their opinions about the system of studies (for each of the postgraduate programmes). Such an evaluation helps us immediately solve any problems, streamline the School’s operations and improve the quality of our educational offer, adapting it to the needs of ours students.

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